Sentence Examples with the word Created

The most important examples of this class consist of federal or composite states which by treaty or otherwise have surrendered certain of their powers, or which have created a new state (Staatenbund).

Of Sandwich, created by the Government during the World War as a base for the expedition of materiel to the armies in France and Flanders.

Computer software is constantly being created to allow scientists to model, visualize, prototype, and diagram.

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For Charles de Beauvillier, gentleman of the chamber to the king, governor and bailli of Blois, the estate of Saint Aignan was created a countship in 1537.

A bureau of meteorology was afterwards created at Cordoba which has rendered valuable service.

The forest and darkness created a sense of cozy intimacy, one that held her without crushing her, unlike the rest of the world.

To John, Lord Russell, in 1547, who was created earl Of Bedford in 1550 (the dukedom dating from 1694).

For if the Provisions had established a government by baronial committees, the parliament of 1264 created one which was a mere party administration.

The crashing of the car into wall created percussion.

The more freewill Fate allows, the more depravity is created to feed the Dark One.