Sentence Examples with the word Creased

In creased length necessitated an increase in the diameter of the main tube to limit the amplitude of the vibrations caused by being pushed through the water.

The guards were grim this night, their faces creased with worry.

The attorney quickly recovered and half slid, half ran down the slope next to his Jeep where they were standing, covering his shiny black shoes with dust in the process and nearly falling on the seat of his creased shorts.

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Vote by ballot was troduced; the number of members in the assembly was creased to 80, and the franchise was granted to every adult male after six months' residence in any electoral area.

The brightness of the image is sometimes in creased by silvering the glass; and on removing a small portion of the silver the observer can Object see the image with part of the pupil while he sees the paper through the unsilvered aperture with the remaining part.

Perhaps these have creased it, for you find some of their cases in the furrows, though they are deep and broad for them to make.