Sentence Examples with the word Crawford

General Crawford Chamberlain states that this was Hodson's way of wiping out the debt.

Lennox (June 11, 1568) asked Crawford for his reminiscences, not of Darnley's reports of his talks with Mary, but of Crawford's own interview with her as she entered Glasgow to visit Darnley, probably on the 21st of January 1567.

By way of corroborating it (a fatal step, if the case came before a modern English court of justice); or Darnley's memory of his conversation with Mary was so fresh, when he dictated his recollection of it to Crawford on 2 1st-22nd January 1567, that he reported speeches in almost the very same words as Mary used in writing Letter II.

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In 1816 Fort Crawford was erected - it was rebuilt on a different site in 1829 - and in 1820 one of the principal depots of the American Fur Company was established here.

Crawford, and received the electoral vote of Georgia for vice-president; but he shrewdly kept out of the acrimonious controversy which followed the choice of John Quincy Adams. He early recognized the availability of Andrew Jackson, however, as a presidential candidate, and after the election sought to bring the Crawford and Jackson followers together, at the same time strengthening his control as a party leader in the Senate.

With these feelings he consented in May 1824 to stand for the vicepresidency on the Crawford ticket.

Forneron, translated by Mrs Crawford (1887).

If he had not possessed them on the 11th of June 1568, he, must have asked Crawford for his reminiscences of these talks.

Is here based on Crawford; or Crawford has copied Letter II.

PRAIRIE DU CHIEN, a city and the county-seat of Crawford county, Wisconsin, U.S.A., on the east bank of the Mississippi river about 3 m.