Sentence Examples with the word Crashed

As she reached the tree, a large black furry form crashed into the trees ahead of her.

Four months after becoming Death, Gabriel was trying to salvage what he could of the underworld as it crashed and burned.

Rhyn twisted his head away with a warning growl, and the world crashed down on her.

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Belfair watched, a sneering smile painted on her beautiful face, revenge was hers, as Jership the Terrible crashed in a bloody heap on the rocks below.

His guard hadn't lowered; it crashed as he let himself experience every part of her body, her cries and the passionate spirit that held him captive on the beach.

Seconds later it crashed into the trees below.

He had hardly finished speaking when they again heard an unexpectedly violent whistling which suddenly ended with a thud into something soft... f-f-flop! and a Cossack, riding a little to their right and behind the accountant, crashed to earth with his horse.

Moonlight glinted off pursuers' weapons as they crashed through the forest.

She could help Gabriel and the souls, even if her whole world crashed at the end of the week.

The world crashed down around them.