Sentence Examples with the word Crash

The time between the recorded call and the fatal crash was such to give further credence that the kidnapper held his captors nearby.

Peeling off the mask, he waited for the world to crash down around him and people to lynch him.

A hollow tearing sound was followed by a horrendous crash outside the kitchen window.

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He knew he wasn't performing well in his new role, but to hear Fate tell him he was on a crash course with catastrophe made him sick to his stomach.

Fogs occur during summer and early autumn, and furious gales may be expected four or five times in the year, when the crash of the Atlantic waves is audible for 20 m.

The necessary calling in of their loans in order to meet the drafts in favour of the states, combining with the breach of the overstrained credit between America and Europe and the decline in the price of cotton, brought about a crash which prostrated the whole financial, industrial and commercial system of the country for six or seven years.

Many interior towns lost half their population and some virtually all their population as a result of this emigration; and it precipitated a real estate crash in San Francisco that threatened temporary ruin.

But in the crash of established creeds.

I thought it odd none were found, but they didn't find the pilot or anyone else from the crash either.

Gertz hoped, however, to conclude peace with at least some of Sweden's numerous enemies before the crash came and then, by means of fresh combinations, to restore Sweden to her rank as a great power.