Sentence Examples with the word Cranmer

It was his cool treatment of such sanctified names as Charles, Cranmer and Laud that provoked the indignation of Southey and the Quarterly, who forgot that the same impartial measure was extended to statesmen on the other side.

In 1534 Henry formally repudiated the authority of the pope, and from this time Latimer was the chief co-operator with Cranmer and Cromwell in advising the king regarding the series of legislative measures which rendered that repudiation complete and irrevocable.

The celerity and skill with which Cranmer did the work intrusted to him must have fully satisfied his master.

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It was somewhat freely exercised by Cranmer and his successors immediately after the Reformation; but the main precedent now relied upon is that of Dr Watson, bishop of St Davids, who was deprived in 1695 by Archbishop Tennison for simony and 1 Unless the case of the claim of Mark, bishop of Carlisle, to be tried by his ordinary instead of by a temporal court, be a precedent (Phillimore, Eccles.

Dixon's Histories; Pollard's Cranmer and England under Somerset; other authorities cited in Dict.

In April 1554 he acted as notary to Cranmer and Ridley at their disputation, but in the autumn he signed a series of Catholic articles.

Coverdale was already on his way back to England, and in October 1548 he was staying at Windsor Castle, where Cranmer and some other divines, inaccurately called the Windsor Commission, were preparing the First Book of Common Prayer.

His first nominee, Dr Richard Turner, resolutely declined the honour, declaring that he would be unintelligible to the people; and Cranmer could only answer that English was spoken in Ireland, though he did indeed doubt whether it was spoken in the diocese of Armagh.

He left the property to the see of Canterbury, and about the time of the dissolution it was given up, by Cranmer to Henry VIII.

In 1898 the National Council of the Evangelical Free Churches in England and Wales published 1 Cranmer had published a separate and larger catechism on the basis of the work of Justus Jonas in 1548; note also Allen's Catechisme, A Christen Instruction of the Principall Pointes of Christes Religion (1551).