Sentence Examples with the word Crab

He took corporeal shape as a huge crab that lay floating, face upwards, upon the waters.

But so decided an original start had Derick had, that spite of all their gallantry, he would have proved the victor in this race, had not a righteous judgment descended upon him in a crab which caught the blade of his midship oarsman.

Milne Edwards has identified ten species which occur in Australian seas also, and Rein mentions, as belonging to the same category, the helmet-crab or horse-shoe crab (kabuto-gani, Limulus longispina I-Ioeven).

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The herring, cod, lobster and crab fisheries are prosecuted.

And include Culebra or Snake Island, and Vieques or Crab Island.

Sometimes the one partner affords the other merely a convenient means of transport, as in the case of the barnacles which grow on, or of the gulf-weed crab which clings to, the carapace of marine turtles.

The forward motion is given by a chain winding upon a crab placed in front, by which it is hauled slowly forward.

I would not leave Miss Sullivan in peace until she had put the crab in a trough near the well where I was confident he would be secure.

Reptiles - snakes, lizards and chameleons, crocodiles, turtles and an enormous variant of the edible Indian crab - are numerous; butterflies and insects, the latter very troublesome, have not yet been systematically collected.

Of Lexington), Harrodsburg, Crab Orchard in Lincoln county (about 115 m.