Sentence Examples with the word Coy

The final fall of Napoleon in 1815 gave the people of the United Kingdom leisure to think about their possessions at the Ante podes; and in 1817 free settlers commenced to arrive in coy siderable numbers, attracted by the success of Captain Joh i M'Arthur, an officer in the New South Wales Regiment, who had demonstrated that the soil, grass and climate were well adapted for the growth.

When he shifted, Jen leaned away with a coy smile and trailed the finger across his lower abdomen, moving around him.

This page gives an overview of all articles in the 1911 Brittanica which are alphabetized under Coy to Cri.

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My high school girl-boy-how-to book said I should be coy and turn down all last-minute dates.

Your buddy is being a little coy but he's hung around the wrong people long enough to pick up some information.

Carmen smiled in a coy way and leaned toward him.

She looked at him with a coy smile before approaching.

She gave him a coy smile.