Sentence Examples with the word Cox

The magnitude of the defeat, unprecedented in American history, was generally considered as due in part to the unwarranted character of the charges made by Cox himself during the campaign, but chiefly to a widespread revolt against the recent course of President Wilson, whose policies Cox upheld.

In 1908, when the Republican party had declared in favour of county option and the Democratic party favoured township and ward option, a special session of the legislature, called by the Republican governor, passed the Cox Bill for county options.

Furnivall's edition of Captain Cox or Robert Laneham's letter, Ballad Society (London, 1871), p. 67.

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Ewing, Public Services of Jacob Dolson Cox (Washington, 1902), a Johns Hopkins University dissertation; and W.

SAMUEL HANSON COX (1793-1880), American Presbyterian divine, was born at Rahway, N.J., on the 25th of August 1793, of Quaker stock.

The report, however, would be of greater value if the names of the medium and of the working members of the committee were given - we only know that of Serjeant Cox - and if they had written independent accounts of what they witnessed.

After the death at his side of General Reno in the battle of South Mountain, and during Antietam, Cox commanded the corps, and at the close of the campaign (6th Oct.

The Lower Carboniferous rocks also occur in the Blue Mountains, along the Cox river and Capertee river; and a northern continuation occurs along the western slope of the New England tableland, from the Macintyre river to the Queensland border.

Babcock and urged by President Grant; introduced the merit system in his department, and resigned in October 1870 because of pressure put on him by politicians piqued at his prohibition of campaign levies on his clerks, and because of the interference of Grant in favour of William McGarrahan's attempt by legal proceedings to obtain from Cox a patent to certain California mining lands.

JACOB DOLSON COX (1828-1900), American general, political leader and educationalist, was born on the 27th of October 1828 in Montreal, Canada.