Sentence Examples with the word Coventry

He opposed the execution of Charles I., lived quietly under the Commonwealth, and was assiduous in promoting the king's return; for this he was afterwards offered the bishopric of Coventry and Lichfield, but declined it, it is said, on his wife's persuasion.

Wood was attacked by Bishop Burnet in a Letter to the Bishop of Lichfield and Coventry (1693, 4to), and defended by his nephew Dr Thomas Wood, in a Vindication of the Historiographer, to which is added the Historiographer's Answer (1693), 4to, reproduced in the subsequent editions of the Athenae.

In 1640 Lord Coventry died, and Cooper then lived with his brother-in-law at Dorchester House in Covent Garden.

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It lies in the upper valley of the Anker, under well-wooded hills to the west, and is on the Roman Watling Street, and the Coventry canal.

Meanwhile Waynflete himself had been advanced to the highest office in the state, the chancellorship, the seals being delivered to him by the king in the priory of Coventry in the presence of the duke of York, apparently as a person acceptable to both parties.

The Godiva procession, a commemoration of the legendary ride instituted on the 31st of May 1678 as part of Coventry fair, was celebrated at intervals until 1826.

Coleridge, Robert and Elizabeth Browning, Coventry Patmore, Henry Ward Beecher and Thomas Carlyle.

The dispute was to have been decided in the lists at Coventry in September; but at the last moment Richard intervened and banished them both.

Thence she passed through Leicester, Coventry and Warwick, finally entering Oxford, where she met Prince George, in triumph, escorted by a large company.

On the death of Southampton, Ashley was placed on the commission of the treasury, Clifford and William Coventry being his principal colleagues.