Sentence Examples with the word Covenanters

Many Scottish Covenanters settled in the neighbourhood to avoid the persecution directed against them.

Here in 1640 the Scottish Covenanters planted guns to protect them while fording the river, after which they defeated the English on the Durham side at Stellaheugh, and subsequently occupied Newcastle.

In 1833 the Reformed Presbyterian Church divided into New Lights and Old Lights in a dispute as to the propriety of Covenanters exercising the rights of citizenship under the constitution of the United States.

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During the Civil War the Covenanters held the town, to which the committees of church and state adjourned after Cromwell's victory at Dunbar (1650), but in August next year the castle was taken by General Monk.

From 1638 to 1651 the Covenanters were the dominant party in Scotland, directing her policy both at home and abroad.

The Covenanters were thus named because in a series of bands or covenants they bound themselves to maintain the Presbyterian doctrine and polity as the sole religion of their country.

Six miles south-west of Strathaven, on the moor of Drumclog, the Covenanters defeated John Graham of Claverhouse, Viscount Dundee, on the 1st of June 1679.

The English parliament, at war with the king, demanded aid from Scotland; it was granted under the conditions of the Solemn League and Covenant (1643), by which the Covenanters expected to secure the establishment of Presbyterianism in England, though the terms of agreement are dubious.

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Before this date the Covenanters were usually referred to as Supplicants, but from about this time the former designation began to prevail.