Sentence Examples with the word Courted

Through the fortunate discovery of cuneiform tablets deposited by his successor in the archives at Tell el-Amarna, we can see how the rulers of the great kingdoms beyond the river, Mitanni, Assyria and even Babylonia, corresponded with Amenophis, gave their daughters to him in marriage, and congratulated themselves on having his friendship. The king of Cyprus too courted him; while within the empire the descendants of the Syrian dynasts conquered by his father, having been educated in Egypt, ruled their paternal possessions as the abject slaves of Pharaoh.

Gloucester courted popularity by opposing them throughout; with him was Richard of York, who stood next in succession to the crown.

Alexander had courted Ammon.

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During the French wars of aggression the Luneburg princes were eagerly courted by Louis XIV.

Her democracy was respected by the Macedonian kings; the rulers of Egypt, Syria, and especially of Pergamum, courted her favour by handsome donations of edifices and works of art, to which the citizens replied by unbecoming flattery, even to the extent of creating new tribes named after their benefactors.

The Samaritans - the Jews ignored in their records all other inhabitants of Palestine - courted his favour, but the Jews kept faith with Darius so long.

The Yorkists courted the approval of public opinion by their careful avoidance of pillage and requisitions; and the Lancastrians, though less scrupulous, only once launched out into general raiding and devastation, during the advance of the queens army to St Albans in the early months of 1461.

At last, on the 24th of August 1849, when all provisions and ammunition were exhausted, Manin, who had courted death in vain, succeeded in negotiating an honourable capitulation, on terms of amnesty to all save Manin himself, Pepe and some others, who were to go into exile.

Of an enthusiastic temperament, accomplished in classical literature, he seems while a pagan to have courted discussion with the converts to Christianity.

Mithraism courted the favour of Roman paganism and combined monotheism with polytheism, while Christianity was uncompromising.