Sentence Examples with the word Coursed

She touched him timidly, her cool hands branding him as heat coursed through him.

He heard a tinkle of broken glass far below him as tears coursed down his cheeks.

The hair on the back of his neck bristled and a shiver coursed down his spine.

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She pulled Destiny's dress out and hung it while tears coursed down her cheeks.

A wave of unimaginable pleasure coursed through her entire body.

She stroked his hair and kissed his forehead, while tears coursed down her cheeks as well.

The thought brought a shiver that coursed down her body as she tried to picture the scene as she and Caleb stumbled deeper into the mine.

The hearting is of rubble masonry, and the faces are coursed ashlar.

Wellhausen remarks,' a better cement that the bread, because through the drinking of it the very blood of Jesus coursed through the veins of the disciples, and that is why more stress is laid on it than on the bread.

His mind coursed with carnal lust, raw and insatiable.