Sentence Examples with the word Cotyle

In., closely agreeing with the cotyle of Gythium.

By the theory of the metretes being 1.5 talents Aeginetan, the cotyle would be 23.3 to 24.7 cub.

Pheasants, ducks, geese and snipe are abundant, and Dr C. Collingwood in his Naturalist's Rambles in the China Seas mentions .Ardea prasinosceles and other species of herons, several species of fly-catchers, kingfishers, shrikes and larks, the black drongo, the Cotyle sinensis and the Prinia sonitans.

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The value of the cotyle from the Naxian slab is 15.4 (best, others 14.6-19.6); from a vase about 16.6; from the Panidum slab 17.1 (var.

It is supposed that the Panathenaic vases were intended as metretes; this would show a cotyle of 14.4-17.1.