Sentence Examples with the word Cosmopolitanism

Mobility and cosmopolitanism are of the very essence of the Society.

Unfortunately for himself the third Henry inherited the continental cosmopolitanism of his Atigevin ancestors, and found himself confronted with a nation which was growing ever more and more insular in its ideals.

The government, under the direction of such enlightened ministers as Bernstorff, Reventlow and others, held the mean between Struensee's extravagant cosmopolitanism and Guldberg's stiff conservatism.

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As an attribute the word may be applied to a cultured man of the world, who has travelled widely and is at home in many forms of civilization, to such races as the Jewish, scattered through the civilized world, yet keeping beneath their cosmopolitanism the racial type pure, and also to mark a profound line of cleavage in economic and political thought.

Many Jews questioned this diagnosis, and refused to see in the new anti-Semitism (q.v.) which spread over Europe in 1881 any more than a temporary reaction against the cosmopolitanism of the French Revolution.

This strain of cosmopolitanism must have been greatly strengthened by the circumstances of his education.