Sentence Examples with the word Cosmopolis

Others of interest are: Antee, revue mensuelle de litterature (1904); L'Art et la vie (1892); Cosmopolis (1896); L'Ermitage (1890); Le Mercure de France, serie moderne (1890), a magazine greatly valued in literary circles; La Revue de Paris, fortnightly (1894), and the Nouvelle Revue (1879) a compositor, and by translating from the English earned sufficient to purchase the moribund Revue des deux mondes, which acquired its subsequent position in spite of the tyrannical editorial behaviour of the proprietor.

After the code was firmly established, the Locrians introduced a regulation that, if a citizen interpreted a law differently from the cosmopolis (the chief magistrate), each had to appear before the council of One Thousand with a rope round his neck, and the one against whom the council decided was immediately strangled.