Sentence Examples with the word Corona

On public or festal occasions the Etruscan noble wore, besides the tebenna, a bulla, or necklace of bullae, and a wreath, corona Etrusca.

Zurita resigned these posts on the 21st of January 1571, obtained a sinecure at Saragossa, and dedicated himself wholly to the composition of his Anales de la corona de Aragon, the first part of which had appeared in 1562; he lived to see the last volume printed at Saragossa on the 22nd of April 1580, and died on the 3rd of November following.

The trochus forms the powerful currents for locomotion, and for the supply of food material, while the cingulum produces a local current round the upper rim of the corona to bring the food particles direct to the mouth, which is displaced through a postero-ventral gap in the trochus to lie behind the disk, just as occurs in the more specialized Ciliata.

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A fully developed corona is perhaps the finest form of aurora.

Trochosphaeraceae; female footless; subspherical, the corona bulging into a hemisphere which may equal the hemispherical body; anus apical; male as in Melicertaceae, Trochosphaere Semper (fig.

In this species the corona is also very large and prominent, but is more elongated and trumpetshaped, while the other members are regarded as subspecies or varieties of this.

Among the more important original authorities, the following may be selected: - for general history, Anales de la corona de Aragon, by G.

In these the corona is small and shallow as compared with the perianth.

These bands Julius calls dispersion bands, and then, assuming that a species of tubular structure prevails within a large part of the sun (such as the filaments of the corona suggest for that region), he applies the weakening of the light to explain, for instance, the broad dark H and K calcium lines, and the sun-spots, besides many remoter applications.

Poeticus), in which the perianth is large, spreading and conspicuous, and the corona very small and shallow.