Sentence Examples with the word Corday

Just as he neared the intersection, Dean recognized Corday and Fitzgerald driving toward Ouray.

A myriad of emotions flooded over Dean as Corday spoke.

If Corday had apologized, Dean was napping at the time.

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Someone out there is a killer and if Corday has his head up his ass over your guilt, somebody needs to be taking a hard look at what really happened.

Alary, Les Girondins par Guadet (Bordeaux, 1863); also Charles Vatel, Charlotte de Corday et les Girondins: pieces classees et annotees (3 vols., Paris, 1864-1872); Recherches historiques sur les Girondins (2 vols., ib.

Of all the questions Corday had asked, for some reason, this one made Dean's heart do an extra skip.

Dean assumed Corday already knew most of the answers.

Dean had a fleeting sense of relief that Corday hadn't pressed him for Cynthia's address.

Fred suggested the pair speak with Edith, Ryland and the others, but Dean pointed out the difficulty in doing so while Corday continued his interviews in the parlor.

He didn't give a flip what Corday thought.