Sentence Examples with the word Corbin

To the west of the Val d'Assa that Cadorna had ordered the preparation of a third line of defence that ran from Cima Portule (7,570 ft.) east of the Val d'Assa and round the southern rim of the Asiago basin by Punta Corbin across the Astico to the mountains south of the Posina.

There's still a chance he'll think it's another Pat Corbin who sounded familiar.

Maybe Corbin just used it too and received some mail there.

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Mrs. Glass said there was someone named Pat Corbin living in the same apartment as Cleary.

They both knew Pat Corbin was one of the names used in Scranton.

Cleary and Corbin might just be the start.

Tell you what, you show me where this guy's gear is and maybe I'll leave a note for the fella asking him to ask Corbin when he sees him.