Sentence Examples with the word Cora

It must have been Cora Abernathy.

The two bestknown genera are Cora and Dictyonema; Corella, whose hymenium is unknown, is also placed here by Wainio.

She entered the darkened store while Cora remained outside.

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Deidre watched closely as Cora demonstrated how to heat water, insert the teabag and then add sugar.

Samnites on the S., the Hernici on the E., and stretching roughly from Norba and Cora in the N.

You were asleep when I got here, Cora replied.

It's only 1:15; Cora Abernathy's an early date.

She turned to leave, suspecting she didn't have much time before Cora returned and raised the alarm about her being gone.

Of all the insanity going on around him, he figured Cora was the last to go crazy and dive into the lake.

She tested the tea Cora made and was thrilled at the rich, sweetened flavor.