Sentence Examples with the word Copts

The patriarch of the Copts was formerly consecrated in this church.

The former, called by the Arabs Mukaukis (Muqauqis) from his Coptic name Pkauchios, had for ten years before the arrival of Amr maintained a fierce persecution of the Jacobite sect, to which the bulk of the Copts belonged.

Only the Copts and Armenians wear it scarf-wise.

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Some of the Copts are said to observe it by total abstinence during the whole period.

The advocates of the one nature theory were called Monophysites (q.v.), and they gave rise to numerous sects, and to at least three separate national churches - the Jacobites of Syria, the Copts of Egypt and the Abyssinian Church, which are treated under separate headings.

The rebellion broke out repeatedly in the following years, and in 831 the Copts joined with the Arabs against the government; the state of affairs became so serious that the caliph Mamun himself visited Egypt, arriving at Fostat in February 832; his general Afshin fought a decisive battle with the rebels at Bgshard in the IJauf region, at which the Copts were compelled to surrender; the males were massacred and the women and children sold as slaves.

Generally the Abyssinians agree with the Copts in ritual and practice.

Between the Armenians and the Copts they have been deprived of these, and even of the keys of their convent.

At the time of the separation of the churches the Greeks here had remained faithful to Orthodoxy, the Copts to Monophysitism.

The historian Ferishta says he had read that the Afghans were descended from Copts of the race of Pharaoh.