Sentence Examples with the word Copenhagen

Lorenz of Copenhagen and H.

Though the great federal armament against Waldemar IV., the destroyer of Visby, was decreed by the city representatives assembled at Cologne in 1367, Lubeck was the leading spirit in the war which ended with the surrender of Copenhagen and the peace concluded at Stralsund on the 24th of May 1370.

The main fortification of Copenhagen was the powerful Trekroner (Three Crown) battery at the northern end of the sea-front.

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Of Denmark, was born at Copenhagen on the 24th of December 1845.

When the duke ascended the Danish throne as Frederick III., Gabel followed him to Copenhagen as his private secretary and man of business.

He then made a journey through Persia and Syria to Constantinople, returning to Copenhagen in 1767.

In 1921, having also been made previously a member of the Amsterdam and Copenhagen Academies, while the universities of Geneva, Manchester, Rostock and Princeton conferred honorary degrees on him.

Thus from this long duel between the two countries Spain issued much enfeebled, while France obtained the preponderance in Italy, Germany, and throughout northern Europe, as is proved by Mazarins successful arbitration at Copenhagen and at Oliva (May-June I66o).

BARTHOLD GEORG NIEBUHR (1776-1831), German statesman and historian, son of Karsten Niebuhr, was born at Copenhagen on the 27th of August 1776.

At Copenhagen Fields, now covered by the great cattle market (1855) adjoining Caledonian Road, a great meeting of labourers was held in 1834.