Sentence Examples with the word Cooperated

His successor, Mustafa Pasha Fehmi, continued the work and cooperated cordially with the English officials.

His management of the affairs of his department was, however, very successful; he confirmed and maintained the alliance with Germany, which had been formed by his predecessors, and cooperated with Bismarck in the arrangements by which Italy joined the alliance.

General Daza, who should have cooperated with Buendia, turned back, on receiving news of the Peruvian defeat, and led the Bolivian troops to Tacna in a hasty and somewhat disorderly retreat.

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Had he remained in office his declarations leave no doubt that he would have cultivated the British alliance and cooperated with Great Britain in Egypt; and when the Freycinet administration, which succeeded, shrank from that enterprise only to see it undertaken with signal success by England alone, Gambetta's foresight was quickly justified.

The American committee which cooperated in the revision desired to employ the name Jehovah wherever Jhvh occurs in the original, and editions embodying their preferences are printed accordingly.

A column of about 600 men cooperated with French forces in the operations in Cameroon and other units aided in the defence of northern Rhodesia.

The people, knowing the king to be their best friend, trusted him implicity and cooperated with him cheerfully.