Sentence Examples with the word Coolies

The first Chinese coolies were introduced in 1849 to supply labourers on the sugar estates, which had begun to feel the effects of the suppression of the African slave traffic. At first the coolies were treated with cruelty.

About 1894 a party of coolies from Macao who had been working on the railway in the cataracts region endeavoured to return home overland.

He incurred much ill-informed odium by sanctioning the scheme of importing Chinese coolies into Johannesburg, in order to remedy the shortness of native labour and to restart the mines, and thereby the whole economic machinery of S.

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The work is done by Chinese coolies under European - chiefly Dutch - supervision.

These bales are carried on the backs of coolies for great distances across very high passes into Tibet, and the trade is estimated at an average of 19,000,000 lb per annum, of which 8,000,000 is a subsidy from the emperor of China to the Tibetan monasteries.

A notable departure from the labour policy of the other states was made by Natal in 1860, when Indian coolies were introduced.

The Roman Catholic missionaries have about 3000 adherents; the Church of England is confined to the Europeans and kanakas in the towns; the Indian coolies are divided between Mahommedans and Hindus.

The introduction of Indian coolies to work the sugar plantations dates from the period of the emancipation of the slaves in 18 341839.

During the decade 1891-1901, 596,856 coolies were imported, or about a tenth of the total population of the province.

The native town is yearly extending, and though most of the inhabitants are small shop-keepers and coolies of the lowest class, the houses are for the most part well and solidly built of stone.