Sentence Examples with the word Convulsing

And the papacy which was convulsing Germany.

Nowhere was his blind faith more plainly shown, combined as it was with total ignorance of the formidable migrations that were convulsing Asia, and of the complicated game of politics just then.

When her body ceased convulsing from an orgasm, she'd kissed him with tenderness and asked him how she could make him as happy.

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Unable to move, she panted, body convulsing with aftershocks from the attack.

He failed to understand the great spiritual movement which was convulsing the Church; and instead of bending his mind to the problem of the Reformation, he from the first subordinated the cause of Catholicism and of the world to his interests as an Italian prince and a Medici.

She cried out, body convulsing under waves of pleasure intense enough to push her towards unconsciousness.