Sentence Examples with the word Converged

Could be reflected and converged by cylindrical parabolic mirrors.

Communicating love in a way neither had ever experienced, they converged in an esoteric dance in which the world fell away.

But those in whom the two currents converged did not belong to the pure Arab race.

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On the 19th, the Ibar Force under Zhivkovich (Shumaja II.) had advanced in several columns which, with more or less irregular fighting and one or two critical moments, had converged on the town of Novibazar and captured the Turkish works on the surrounding heights by the evening of the 22nd.

The Japanese, too, had effected their object, and as they converged on their objective, the inner flanks of the three armies had connected and the supreme commander Marshal Oyama had taken command of the whole.

The main object of the Portuguese was to obtain a share in the lucrative spice trade carried on by the Malays, Chinese and Japanese; the trade-routes of the archipelago converged upon Malacca, which was the point of departure for spice merchants trading with every country on the shores of the Indian Ocean and Arabian Sea.

Towards this Lycoid centre have converged Coleoptera (beetles) of the sub-order Lamellicornia (Copridae), Phytophaga; Heteromera (Cantharidae) and Longicornia; Hemiptera of the families Pyrrhocoridae, Lygaeidae and Reduviidae; Lepidoptera of the families Arctiidae and Zygaenidae; Diptera of the family Asilidae; and lastly Hymenoptera of the families Braconidae, Pompilidae, Crabronidae and Eumenidae.

Presently all these columns converged upon the defile and a hopeless entanglement ensued.

In this little coterie the ants are beyond question the models towards which the bug and the grasshopper have converged in appearance.

They converged then, and moved quietly across the sand, hoping the Indians didn't burst from the night to attack them.