Sentence Examples with the word Controversies

But the outstanding figure in the controversies of the first half of the 12th century is Abelard.

Stanwood, American Tariff Controversies in the Nineteenth Century (London, 1903); F.

Even his devotion to work, which excites our admiration, in the centre of a luxurious court, was to a great extent unprofitable, for it was mainly given to theological controversies which neither he nor any one else could settle.

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It might well be believed that the change in the so-called Epistles of the Imprisonment from the earlier epistles was due in part to the physical effects of prolonged confinement, as compared with the free, varied and open life and exciting controversies of earlier years.

He guided it through the controversies as to Robertson Smith's heresies, as to the use of hymns and instrumental music, and as to the Declaratory Act, brought to a successful issue the union of the Free and United Presbyterian Churches, and threw the weight of the united church on the side of freedom of Biblical criticism.

He held the most rigid views on the sanctity of marriage and against easy divorce, and vehemently defended them in controversies with Robert Dale Owen and others.

For the controversies respecting the Agora, the Enneacrunus and the topography of the town in general, see W.

Ohn of Salisbury, in his account of the controversies of these days (Metalogicus, ii.

Important theological controversies on the Decalogue begin with the Reformation.

These controversies will be best described by reference to the oecumenical councils of the ancient and undivided church.