Sentence Examples with the word Contesting

In a word constitutional government had practically ceased, and Poland had become an arena in which contesting clans strove together for the mastery.

In 1889, after unsuccessfully contesting Castres, he returned to his professional duties at Toulouse, where he took an active interest in municipal affairs, and helped to found the medical faculty of the university.

It was hard to tell whether she would go through with contesting the will, or if she even could after so long.

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Here it was determined that the members of the Reichstag, who were protected by their position, should henceforward be the managing committee of the party, and arrangements were made for contesting the elections of 1881.

On the retirement of Pitt in 180r he resigned office, and after contesting Dover unsuccessfully he withdrew for a time into private life.

The Church at first refrained from contesting the rights of the landowners over their own churches, and concentrated her attack upon investiture.

About 153 B.C. Alexander Balas, son of Antiochus Epiphanes, contesting the Syrian crown with Demetrius, seized the city, which opened its gates to him.

Alamut had taken refuge at Diarbekr; but his brother Murad, at the head of an army strengthened by Turkish auxiliaries, was still in the field with the object of contesting the paternal crown.

At the Trade Union Congress in 1887 he attacked the secretary, Mr. Broadbent, for supporting capitalist candidates at elections,: thus starting the campaign for Independent Labour representation which he brought into prominence in 1888 by contesting Mid-Lanark as an Independent Labour candidate.

She wouldn't yield a point without contesting it to the bitter end.