Sentence Examples with the word Contemplated

Prince Michael's great popularity in consequence of his diplomatic successes alarmed the friends of the exiled Karageorgevich dynasty, more especially when rumours began to circulate that the prince contemplated divorcing his childless wife Julia and remarrying.

In spite of reduced expenses, a highly estimated revenue, and the contemplated raising of taxes, there was a deficit, for the payment or discharge of which the government would be obliged to demand supplementary supplies.

A, general feeling that King Alexander contemplated changing the situation by one of his bold and clever coups d'etat increased the political unrest.

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Fate contemplated the deal between Gabriel's new mate and the Dark One's new mate.

Accused of conspiring against her husband, who perhaps already contemplated marriage with his sister, also named Arsinoe, she was banished to Coptos, in Upper Egypt.

Brussels has been growing at such a rapid rate that the inclusion of this ridge, and more particularly at Koekelberg, within the town limits, was contemplated in 1908.

He became thenceforth a warm advocate of constitutional systems, though at the outset he does not seem to have contemplated anything like apopular assembly in the English sense of the term, his ideas being limited to the enfranchisement of the samurai class.

With August Wilhelm Schlegel and his gifted wife Caroline, herself the embodiment of the Romantic spirit, Schelling's relations were of the most intimate kind, and a marriage between Schelling and Caroline's young daughter, Auguste Bohmer, was vaguely contemplated by both.

The reform of the Ottoman government contemplated by the sultan Mahmud II.

To unravel plots and weave counterplots; to meet treachery with fraud; to parry force with sleights of hand; to credit human nature with the basest motives, while the blackest crimes were contemplated with cold enthusiasm for their cleverness, was reckoned then the height of political sagacity.