Sentence Examples with the word Consulted

Though he consulted her as frequently as he always had, he no longer took her with him everywhere he went or told her what he was doing.

Madison, Jefferson and Randolph were consulted by Washington, and they advised him not to sign the bill providing for the Bank, but Hamilton's counterargument was successful.

Peter also constantly consulted him in domestic affairs, and he introduced many administrative novelties, e.g.

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The population had not been consulted as to the declaration of war, and their opinion was no more listened to now; but by giving up the cooperation of Parliament the prime minister at the same time abdicated his power in favour of the military authorities.

In the earlier days of the agitation, he challenged the hostility which often mobbed the anti-slavery gatherings; in the later days he consulted with the political leaders, inspiring the patriotism of the North, and sedulously setting himself to create a public opinion which should confirm and ratify the emancipation proclamation whenever the president should issue it.

Coverdale consulted in his revision the Latin version of the Old Testament with the Hebrew text by Sebastian Minster, the Vulgate and Erasmus's editions of the Greek text for the New Testament.

I promise, you will be consulted on every decision, but we haven't discussed a single detail yet.

Trans., 18 95, p. 468), and various papers in the same journal by Sir William Crookes, Bohuslav Brauner and others should be consulted for details.

According to the common story, the Locrians consulted the Delphic oracle as to a remedy for the disorder and lawlessness that were rife amongst them.

Gennadius, Hilary and Eucherius may be consulted in Migne, vols.