Sentence Examples with the word Constituencies

Questions regarding the basis of the franchise, single-member constituencies and kindred matters.

The provincial council consists of 36 members elected for the same constituencies and by the same electorate as are the members of the House of Assembly.

The Gautsch redistribution bill proposed to increase the number of constituencies from 4 2 5 to 455, to allot a fixed number of constituencies to each province and, within each province, to each race according to its numbers and tax-paying capacity.

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The colonial representatives enjoy equal rights with those elected for constituencies in France.

Through the firmness of the Transvaal delegates, supported by the Progressives, the principle of equal rights was retained; the concession made to the Cape was the abandonment of proportional representation, while one-membered constituencies were substituted for three-membered constituencies.

For environmentalist organizations like Greenpeace to be against GMO in all its forms under all conditions does nothing at all to serve them or the constituencies they purport to represent.

They number 150, and are distributed among the constituencies in proportion to population; the distribution being revised every tenth year.

One to every 64,893 of the population, and all the constituencies are single-member constituencies.

Though strongly opposed to the disestablishment of the Irish Church, yet, when the constituencies decided for it, he advised that no opposition should be made to it by the House of Lords.

In England the franchises enjoyed by burgesses, freemen and other consuetudinary constituencies in burghs, were dependent on the character of the burgagetenure.