Sentence Examples with the word Constantia

In 1708 he published his De ratione studiorum, in 1710 De antiquissima Italorum sapientia, in 1720 De universi juris uno principio et fine uno, and in 1721 De constantia jurisprudentis.

Their sister Constantia had already married Stanislaus Poniatowski, the father of the future king.

In later Roman work there was a great decadence in the sculpture, so that in the following centuries recourse was had to the red Egyptian porphyry, of which the sarcophagi of Constantia (A.D.

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The chief authorities used were: Julius Sextus Africanus (3rd century); the consular Fasti; the Chronicle and Church History of Eusebius; John Malalas; the Acta martyrum; the treatise of Epiphanius, bishop of Constantia (the old Salamis) in Cyprus (fl.

Wise was the second, with the respective titles of De constantia philologiae and De constantia jurisprudentis.

There is no natural harbour, but traces of ruins near the shore mark the site of the old Maiuma Gazae or Port of Gaza, now called el Minch, which in the 5th century was a separate town and episcopal see, under the title Constantia or Limena Gaza.