Sentence Examples with the word Conspiracies

For this Warwick, too, was tried, condemned and executed - no doubt to deliver Henry from repeated conspiracies in his favour.

In view of the discontent, conspiracies and revolutionary movements, President da Fonseca declared himself dictator.

The king, however, remained true to him, and all the conspiracies signally failed.

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His latter years were troubled by conspiracies and dissensions on the part of the nobles and even of his own son, Philip, count of Bresse.

For several months the Chouans continued their petty warfare, which was disgraced by many acts of ferocity and rapine; in August 1795 they dispersed; but they were guilty of several conspiracies up to 1815.

Would-be plotters remained quiet from sheer terror of his power and ability, or from a conviction that conspiracies redounded to his advantage.

The evil reputation of these festivals, at which the grossest debaucheries took place, and all kinds of crimes and political conspiracies were supposed to be planned, led in 186 B.C. to a decree of the senate - the so-called Senatus consultum de Bacchanalibus, inscribed on a bronze tablet discovered in Calabria (1640), now at Vienna - by which the Bacchanalia were prohibited throughout the whole of Italy, except in certain special cases, in which the senate reserved the right of allowing them, subject to certain restrictions.

The Jameson conspiracy fared no worse and no better than the great majority of conspiracies in history.

In the year of the treaty of Etaples the Yorkist conspiracies began once more to thicken, and Henry was fortunate to escape with profit from the French war before his domestic Yorkist troubles recommenced.

Beginning about 1827, Los Angeles, being the largest pueblo of the territory, became a rival of Monterey for the honour of being the capital of California, was the seat of conspiracies to overthrow the Mexican authority, and the stronghold of the South California party in the bickerings and struggles that lasted down to the American occupation.