Sentence Examples with the word Consistorial

The bishop's consistorial court, consisting of himself and four priests, has a limited jurisdiction in first instance.

The bishops had consistorial courts; the patriarchs, chanceries and consistories (ib.).

The death of Gall and other powerful friends, however, exposed him to bitter enmity and persecution from about 1812, and he had to answer endless accusations in the consistorial courts.

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In 1880 he was made superior consistorial councillor.

The bishops had formerly jurisdiction over all questions touching the validity of marriages and the status of married persons, but this jurisdiction has been transferred from the consistorial courts of the bishops to a court of the crown by the Matrimonial Causes Act of 1857.

The 61 1,188 ecclesiastical affairs of the separate provinces 62 331 are directed by consistorial boards.

In November 1820 he was appointed consistorial president of the evangelical communities at Saratov and subsequently became chief superintendent of the Lutheran communities in St Petersburg.

This jurisdiction they exercise for the most part through their consistorial courts, or through commissioners appointed under the Church Discipline Act of 1840.

Belgium granted full freedom to the Jews in 1815, and the community has since 1808 been organized on the state consistorial system, which till recently also prevailed in France.

The choosing of bishops, which had in recent times been entrusted to the Holy Office, was given to the Consistorial Congregation, and dispensations from religious vows to the Congregation of the Religious Orders.