Sentence Examples with the word Connor

Jackson held back far enough so Connor would not see him, yet close enough to get into the room in a hurry.

After dinner, Connor helped Jackson put up the shutters, then they sat down for a drink.

Jackson set up the bar and Connor played gopher for everyone.

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Sarah was waiting for Connor when she heard strange noises coming from Jackson's room.

The thought did cross her mind that, although the suits were sub par for Jackson, they were much nicer than any Connor owned.

While Jackson made drinks, Sarah introduced Connor who was thinking, cripes another one.

I remember thinking over and over that I couldn't allow him to kill someone I love again, and when Connor removed the IV, I went insane with rage.

He understood her anxiety stemmed mostly from worrying Connor would leave like Standish had.

Jackson had never been so happy, and at ease, and she loved Connor with all her heart, yet she was a little sad, feeling they were growing apart.

The women delved into small talk, and as Jackson turned, he noticed Connor standing stone still in the middle of the room, staring at Elisabeth.