Sentence Examples with the word Conjectured

It is conjectured that he went to his old pupil Alexander, who was at that time bishop of Flaviada in Cappadocia, and that when his pupil was raised to the see of Jerusalem Clement followed him there.

A quartic curve has 24 inflections; it was conjectured by George Salmon, and has been verified by H.

It is not known for what reason the alteration was made; but it is conjectured that it was for the purpose of causing a newfrevolution of the cycle of nineteen years (which was introduced into the ecclesiastical computation about this time by Anatolius, bishop of Hierapolis) to begin with the first year of the reign of Diocletian.

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Among the Austrian gipsies the serpent is supposed to be able to swallow up prolonged rains, and it may be conjectured that the stories associating the commencement or conclusion of great floods with chasms (e.g.

The services of the peasantry can only be conjectured from what we find in later times.

These two authors also conjectured many of the properties of Brownian motion.

It is conjectured that at some remote period the Hawash flowed into Tajura Bay and that the present condition of the country is the result of volcanic upheaval.

Schoene), which places the 45 years of the sea-power of Phoenicia at a date which, with much probability, may be conjectured to lie between 709, when Cyprus submitted to Sargon, and 664, when Egypt threw off the rule of, Assyria.

It has been conjectured that the Clementine literature emanated from Essenes who had turned Christian.

Lagarde (Orientalia, ii.) ingeniously conjectured that the chapter typified the suppression of Phoenician (viz.