Sentence Examples with the word Confronting

Dean jogged up the hill to ice park, hoping to find Penny and Mick, and perhaps Donald Ryland, before confronting Jerome Shipton.

The tasks, almost infinite in number, confronting the new State were of great gravity.

On one side are a boar and a leopard confronting each other, and on the other side two cocks in the same heraldic arrangement.

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And, finally, two principles had been confronting one another in the internal life of all the European states: the feudal and the monarchical principles.

It was the cowards' way out, but right now she wasn't up to confronting him.

Some delay was caused in beginning operations by Cromwell's dangerous illness, during which his life was despaired of; but in June he was confronting Leslie entrenched in the hills near Stirling, impregnable to attack and refusing an engagement.

In accordance with this scheme Pericles sought to educate the whole community to political wisdom by giving to all an active share in the government, and to train their aesthetic tastes by making accessible the best drama and music. It was most unfortunate that the Peloponnesian War ruined this great project by diverting the large supplies of money which were essential to it, and confronting the remodelled Athenian democracy, before it could dispense with his tutelage, with a series of intricate questions of foreign policy which, in view of its inexperience, it could hardly have been expected to grapple with successfully.

Brady sheathed his weapon and leapt over the boulders, confronting the struggling duo.

No one shows truer courage, not marred by irreverence, in confronting the great problems of human destiny, or greater strength in triumphing over human weakness.

The principal task confronting President Santa Maria on assuming the presidency was to negotiate a treaty of peace with Peru and provide for the evacuation of the Chilean army of occupation.