Sentence Examples with the word Conformed

Idolatry is plainly incompatible with the law of Moses: so were Greek caps; but the Jews who conformed to Hellenism in the time of Antiochus Epiphanes acquired much that was conserved and utilized in that great attempt to convert the Greek world to Judaism, whose best monument is the works of Philo.

Many of the Guanches fell in resisting the Spaniards, many were sold as slaves, and many conformed to the Roman Catholic faith and married Spaniards.

Since the French occupation the Malagasy have conformed pretty readily to the new order of things, although many of the most intelligent Hova deeply regret that their country did not retain its independence.

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Although the Irish Church conformed to Roman usage in the matter of Easter celebration and tonsure in the 7th century, the bond between Ireland and Rome was only slight until several centuries later.

But it was pleasant only for those who conformed to the state religion.

At each of the great festivals, which to please him were for once crowded into a single year, he entered in regular form for the various competitions, scrupulously conformed to the tradition and rules of the arena, and awaited in nervous suspense the verdict of the umpires.

In religion all except some Tatars and Mongols and the Baluchis have conformed to the national Shiah faith.

He conformed to the Church of England and spent a vast sum in restoring Arundel Castle.

To this he conformed his own conduct as a Jew, so far as his Gentile apostolate was not involved (i Cor.

The penal laws put a premium on hypocrisy, and many conformed only to preserve their property or to enable them to take office.