Sentence Examples with the word Conflicted

She appeared conflicted yet hopeful.

They were willing enough to admit the abstract claims of the Empire; but in the world of feudalism there was a multitude of established customs and rights which rudely conflicted with these claims, and in action, remote and abstract considerations gave way before concrete and present realities.

The date conflicted with the Election Day for sheriff but Cynthia repeated her promise to vote absentee.

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He was no longer the conflicted man she'd met on a beach a few days before.

Believing that under existing conditions such a step was both detrimental in present policy and unauthorized in law, President Lincoln directed him (2nd September) to modify the order to make it conform to the Confiscation Act of Congress, and on the 11th of September annulled the parts of the order which conflicted with this act.

I'm sure whoever did it, was feeling very conflicted about now.

To the various unreal interpretations, and when the literal sense conflicted with the dogmas or tradition of the Church its validity was wholly denied.

He was leaving conflicted after seeing the marking on her back, the one that identified her as Darkyn's mate.

He wasn't the conflicted boy anymore.

Of the two contrary currents which have continually mingled and conflicted throughout the course of French history, that of monarchic absolutism and that of aristocratic and democratic liberty, the former was now to carry all before it.