Sentence Examples with the word Confided

His father died suddenly of spasm in the heart in 1801, and his early education was confided by his mother to her sister, Miss Delafield.

This duty was confided to a body called the College College of of Deputed Councillors (het Kollegie der Gekommitteerde Deputed Raden), which was itself divided into two sections, Council- one for the south quarter, another for the north lors.

Military and naval commanders, for matters, such as truces, capitulations and cartels, which are necessarily confided to their discretion.

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It was how he walked easily among all the others, never threatened and routinely confided in.

In the latter year the government of the French Republic confided to him a mission to Rome at the moment when it was a question whether the expelled pope would return to the Vatican with or without bloodshed.

Thus freed from feudal revolts, William confided the government to men trained in Maio's school, such as the grand notary, Matthew d'Agello.

On his return to the Peninsula, the Federal Republican government in 1873 confided to General Campos several high commands, in which he again distinguished himself against the Cantonal Republicans and the Carlists.

Owing to excesses committed by private traders and companies, who robbed, massacred and hideously abused the native Indians, the trade and regulation of the Russian possessions were in 1799 confided to a semi-official corporation called the Russian-American Company for a term of twenty years, afterwards twice renewed for similar periods.

But the origin of a separate priestly class, distinct from the natural heads of the community, cannot be explained by any such broad general principle; in some cases, as in Greece, it is little more than a matter of convenience that part of the religious duties of the state should be confided to special ministers charged with the care of particular temples, while in others the intervention of a special priesthood is indispensable to the validity of every religious act, so that the priest ultimately becomes a mediator and the vehicle of all divine grace.

The task of reorganization was confided by the queen-regent to Seor Silvela, who had been universally recognized as the leader of the Conservatives and Catholics after the death of Canovas del Castillo.