Sentence Examples with the word Condottiere

It was the birthplace of the well-known condottiere Erasmo Gattamelata.

A condottiere of the Renaissance living in the I9th century, he used France, and Napoleons all those nations annexed or attracted by the Revolu- political tion, to resuscitate the Roman conception of the idea, Empire for his own benefit.

The Museo Civico contains antiquities discovered during excavations near the town (in 1880-1884) in the Picene necropolis, dating from the 8th-4th centuries B.C. The town is the birthplace of the condottiere Niccolo Mauruzzi, and of the learned Francis Philelphus, one of the first disseminators of classical literature, who was born in 1398.

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ANDREA DORIA (1466-1560), Genoese condottiere and admiral, was born at Oneglia of an ancient Genoese family.

The bridge over the river at Dessau recalls the hot assaults of the condottiere Ernst von Mansfeld in April 1626, and his repulse by the crafty generalship of Wallenstein.

See Joseph Sarrazin, Mirabeau Tonneau, ein Condottiere aus der Revolutionszeit (Leipzig, 1893); and La Revolution francaise, vols.

Yriarte, Rimini: Un Condottiere au XV.

The bad faith of the condottiere Paolo Vitelli (beheaded at Florence in 1499) had deeply impressed him.

Dlugosz brought Olesnicki the red hat from Rome in 1449, and shortly afterwards was despatched to Hungary to mediate between Hunyadi and the Bohemian condottiere Giszkra, a difficult mission which he most successfully accomplished.

The queen now sent Sforza to re-establish her authority in Rome, whence the Neapolitans had been expelled after the death of Ladislaus; Sforza entered the city and obliged the condottiere Braccio da Montone, who was defending it in the pope's name, to depart (1416).