Sentence Examples with the word Condoned

Upon Hobbes himself the publication came as a surprise, but, after his plain speaking in Leviathan, there was nothing in the piece that he need scruple to have made known, and he seems to have condoned the act.

The light sentence indicated her behavior was condoned by the court.

She denied that the government has essentially condoned human rights abuses.

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Similarly the triumvirs after Philippi condoned her enthusiasm for the cause of Brutus.

When it suited his interests he sanctioned the systematic corruption of members of parliament, and he condoned massacres like those at the Hague or in Glencoe.

Peirce (1673-1726) of Exeter, was to leave dissenting congregations to determine their own orthodoxy; the General Baptists had already (1700) condoned defections from the common doctrine.

But this vandalism, which Wagner condoned with a very bad grace, now happily begins to give way to the practice of presenting long scenes or entire acts, with the singers, on the concert-platform.

The king was generally loathed, not so much for his viceswhich would have been, in this case as in others, condoned in a more popular monarchbut for the notorious meanness and selfishness of his character.

Siegfried's whole character and career is, indeed, annihilated in the clumsy progress towards this consummation; but Shakespeare might have condoned worse plots for the sake of so noble a result; and indeed Wagner's awkwardness arises mainly from fear of committing oversights.

In her son's lifetime she had, for his sake, condoned the mesalliance, but it was impossible for the stately chatelaine and her low-born daughterin-law to live in peace under the same roof.