Sentence Examples with the word Conde

The next viceroy was the Conde de Nieva (1561-1564).

Copiapo was founded in 1742 by Jose de Manso (afterwards Conde de Superunda, viceroy of Peru) and took its name from the Copayapu Indians who occupied that region.

In the electorate of Cologne they were in friendly country, and the main army soon moved down the Rhine from Dusseldorf, the corps of Turenne on the left bank, that of Conde on the right.

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The second Fronde was largely her work, and in it she played the most prominent part in attracting to the rebels first Conde and later Turenne.

In 1609 he caused the prince of Conde to marry Charlotte de Montmorency, whom shortly of ter Conde was obliged to save from the king's persistent gallantry by a hasty flight, first to Spain and then to Italy.

Among the later viceroys the Conde de Revillagigedo (1789-1794) deserves mention as a progressive ruler who developed commerce and improved administration, and took the first, but very imperfect, census, on which Humboldt based his estimate of the population in 1803 at 5,840,000.

The great Conde was given, for a victory gained near this place, the right to use the style of Enghien among his subsidiary titles.

Madame de Prie first suggested the Polish princess as a bride for Louis duke of Bourbon, but she was soon betrothed not to him but to Louis XV., a step which was the outcome of the jealousies of the houses of Conde and Orleans, and was everywhere regarded as a mesalliance for the French king.

Towards the end of the 16th century Miguel Leite Ferreira, son of the Portuguese poet, Antonio Ferreira, declared that the original manuscript of Amadis de Gaula was then in the Aveiro archives, and an Amadis de Gaula in Portuguese, which is alleged to have existed in the conde de Vimeiro's library as late as 1586, had vanished before 1726.

This event, among others, awoke strong suspicions as to the legitimacy of his heir and namesake, Henry, prince of Conde (1588-1646).