Sentence Examples with the word Concordant

The Gallic leuga, or league, is a different unit, being 1.59 British miles by the very concordant itinerary of the Bordeaux pilgrim.

For this reason observations at different depths in the same locality often give very concordant results for the same period, as the total percolation and the average rate are necessarily nearly the same for the various strata, although the actual degree of wetness of each may vary considerably.

The German measures with the heliometer gave apparently concordant results, as follows: Transit of 1874: par.

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Curse of party-warfare, setting city against city, house against house, and rendering concordant action for a national end impossible.

Determinations made thus were equally concordant among themselves, but the resulting density was about 10 1 6 - 0 part greater than that found by Harcourt's method (Rayleigh, Nature, vol.

The atomic weight of cobalt has been frequently determined, the earlier results not being very concordant (see R.

A few concordant determinations of density having been effected, the question was at first regarded as disposed of, until the thought occurred that it might be desirable to try also the more usual method of preparation in which the oxygen is removed by actual oxidation of copper without the aid of ammonia.

I., 1902); he has obtained a fairly concordant result for the broods of parthenogenetic Daphnia (Proc. Roy.