Sentence Examples with the word Comus

But Milton's Comus is a creation of his own.

In the Comus, sive Phagesiposia Cimmeria; Somnium (1608, and at Oxford, 1634), a moral allegory by a Dutch author, Hendrik van der Putten, or Erycius Puteanus, the conception is more nearly akin to Milton's, and Comus is a being whose enticements are more disguised and delicate than those of Jonson's deity.

Sorcerer was the sire of Soothsayer (1808), Comus (1809), and Smolensko (181o).

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In classic mythology the personification does not exist; but Comus appears in the EIKOvES, or Descriptions of Pictures, of Philostratus, a writer of the 3rd century A.D.