Sentence Examples with the word Comprehending

Philosophy is to be the science of the, actual world - it is the spirit comprehending itself in its own externalizations and manifestations.

His magnum opus is the Erdebeschreibung, in seven parts, of which the first four, comprehending Europe, were published in 1754-1761, and have been translated into several languages (e.g.

Nicholas was a blunt soldier incapable of comprehending his brother's sentimental sympathy with liberalism.

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The insurmountable difficulties presented by the lunar theory forced Kepler, after an enormous amount of fruitless labour, to abandon his design of comprehending the whole scheme of the heavens in one great work to be called Hipparchus, and he then threw a portion of his materials into the form of a dialogue intended for the instruction of general readers.

The disciplined philosopher, who had devoted himself to the task of comprehending the organism of the state, had no patience with feebler or more mercurial minds who recklessly laid hands on established ordinances, and set them aside where they contravened humanitarian sentiments.

The history of Posen, comprehending some part of the old kingdom of Poland, including its most ancient capital, Gnesen, falls within the scope of the article Poland.

Almeria, a maritime province of southern Spain, formed in 1833, and comprehending the eastern territories of the ancient kingdom of Granada.

It thus grew into the principal city of an extensive province of the same name, stretching westward to the sea, and comprehending nearly the whole of the territory now comprised within the northern division of the presidency of Bombay.

Perience containing subject and object in inseparable connexion, and has something in common with the premature attempt of Avenarius to develop the hypothesis of dualism in experience into a scientific philosophy comprehending the universe in the simplest possible manner.

He never even learnt the language of his English subjects, the first step to comprehending their needs and their views.