Sentence Examples with the word Complication

A further complication occurs in each of these two classes of eye.

The custom of dividing receipts and expenditures into ordinary and extraordinary, of treating the receipts from loans as revenue, of adding six months to the fiscal year for closing up accounts, and of dividing receipts and expenditures into separate gold and currency accounts, leads to much confusion and complication in the returns, and is the cause of unavoidable discrepancies and contradictions.

Xander, however, was a complication she'd never before run across.

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By inference only, increasing complication of stomach with ruminating function superadded.

Soc., April 1894.) At this stage it became clear that the complication depended upon some hitherto unknown body, and probability inclined to the existence of a gas in the atmosphere heavier than nitrogen, and remaining unacted upon during the removal of the oxygen - a conclusion afterwards fully established by Lord Rayleigh and Sir William Ramsay.

Arago was now on his death-bed, under a complication of diseases, induced, no doubt, by the hardships and labours of his earlier years.

It simplifies the theory, and gives a possible relation between the constants, but it does not appear to remove the complication above referred to, which seems to be inseparable from any conduction theory.

While Mr Long remained in office no further complication arose, but in 1906 (Sir A.

It is difficult to see how this complication can be avoided, unless the first postulate is abandoned, and the heat-flow due to conduction is assumed to be independent of the thermoelectric phenomena.

Arrangement works admirably as regards smoothness and safety in running, but the heavy first cost and complication stand in the way of its general adoption.