Sentence Examples with the word Complexities

As we have seen, Burke's very first piece, the satire on Bolingbroke, sprang from his conviction that merely rationalistic or destructive criticism, applied to the vast complexities of man in the social union, is either mischievous or futile, and mischievous exactly in proportion as it is not futile.

The many questions that arose from the initial study, together with the assessments required, illustrates the complexities inherent in identifying appropriate projects.

But once back in bed, the complexities and the happenings of the day raised their heads like so many ghosts crying for attention in his tired brain.

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His trusted advisor had never done so before, but A'Ran hadn't thought any member of his household capable of the complexities of battle planning.

The complexities of legislation had no diffi culties for him.

In developing our conception we must discard from consideration the complexities that arise from the organization of the higher living bodies, the differences between one living animal and another, or between plant and animal.