Sentence Examples with the word Competitors

The Teutonic knights in the north and the Tatar hordes in the south were equally bent on the subjection of Lithuania, while Olgierd's eastern and western neighbours, Muscovy and Poland, were far more frequently hostile competitors than serviceable allies.

They could put all their competitors out of business.

The entrance to the Stadium from the north-east corner of the Altis was a privileged one, reserved for the judges of the games, the competitors and the heralds.

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The imperial government, in the interests of public order, commanded the two competitors to leave the town, reserving the decision of the case to a council.

The gymnasium was used as an exercise ground for competitors during the last month of their training.

Its first leader was none of the great barons, but a Renfrewshire knight, Sir William Wallace; but ere long more important persons, including Robert Bruce, earl of Carrick (grandson of Robert Bruce of Annandale, one of the competitors for the crown of Scotland), and the bishop of Glasgow, were found to be in communication with the rebels.

The first and most ambitious of these competitors seems to have been Asadis own son, All b.

In 339, Aristotle being then in Macedonia, Xenocrates succeeded Speusippus in the presidency of the school, defeating his competitors Menedemus and Heracleides by a few votes.

Every nobleman had the right to engage in trade toll-free, to the great detriment of their competitors the burgesses.

And if the Internet is an electronic cocktail party, it is more like a hundred million cocktail parties going on at once, with friends connecting, professionals networking, competitors playing games, and groups coalescing around every sort of interest.