Sentence Examples with the word Competed

It used to be, for instance, that digital cameras competed on how many megapixels they had.

She soon became the soul of a middle-class inner council, which competed with Rigsraad itself.

They also all of them claimed, under the concordat, exemption from taxes; and, since many of them indulged in commercial and industrial pursuits, they competed unfairly with other traders and manufacturers, and tended to depress the labor market.

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About this time he competed twice for an academy prize, but without success.

After the death of Frederick the Great, his presence was competed for by the courts of France, Spain and Naples, and a residence in Berlin having ceased to possess any attraction for him, he removed to Paris in 1787.

His attention was first directed to poetry; and more than once he competed for prizes of the French Academy, but never with success.

This was at first left wholly to private enterprise; but, as Austrian buyers not only competed with each other but also with buyers from other countries, this was bound to send up prices, while the interests of the State were subordinated to private gain.

Poland and Muscovy competed for his alliance, and in his more exalted moods he meditated an Orthodox crusade against the Turk at the head of the northern Sla y s.

With the Temple and its Sadducean high priests perished the Sanhedrin in which the Sadducees had competed with the Pharisees for predominance.

Foreign chapmen eagerly competed for special privileges of Skanor and Falsterbo, and the Hanseatic merchants in particular aimed at obtaining a monopoly there.